New Builds – Greener as well as cheaper!

Green and cheaper

New Builds – Greener as well as cheaper!

A new build home built to 2013 building regulations could have annual energy costs averaging £780. The energy bills of an equivalent 3-bed Victorian semi-detached property which has had modern improvements carried out is around £1,670. This means, the new house, being far more energy efficient, could save occupiers around £890 (53%) on annual energy costs. It’s another significant advantage new houses have over older properties.

The difference in estimated annual energy costs between a renovated Victorian property and a new build are shown in the charts below:

Over a period of as little as two years, energy savings between two properties could rise substantially. With the previous example, the savings between the Victorian semi-detached and the new home was £890. Yet, a new build home that is built to the Zero Carbon Hub’s proposed definition of the Zero Carbon Standard could mean even more money saved. It’s estimated savings could be as much as £1,220 or no less than 73% with the new build compared to the older property. With new technology and standards rising year on year, the difference is set to be even more in the future.

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